At home remedies to treat your cystic acne

At home remedies to treat your cystic acne

What is cystic acne?

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne. The pustules are typically fluid filled cysts under the skin.  They are large areas, usually all over the face, are darker pink and reddish, inflamed areas that are quite painful. They are much worse than regular acne because they are under the skin.  These cysts develop from dead skin cells and an abundance of oil similar to regular acne, but the pores become clogged and cysts form.  They almost look boils all over the place, and can become more of an issue if they are severe. 

Treating the cystic acne properly, promptly, and getting an opinion from a dermatologist is essential for an at home OTC or prescription treatment plan.  The more you wait to address cystic acne issues, the less likely you’ll have horrific scarring later on from areas on your face that have been affected.

While you might think your cystic acne will only go away with a prescription, you might just be able to get a handle on it on your own with alternative therapies and treatments you can do at home.                                                                                                                                                                             

Many options for at home remedies that can provide cystic acne relief:

  • Healthier diet with fruits, vegetables, lean meats
  • Ice packs or pieces of Ice
  • Turmeric pills or a facial mask
  • Tea tree oil, spot treatment
  • Probiotics (a several billion count)
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Quercetin
  • Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • Aspirin salve

Diet plan—eating healthier can improve gut and lead to healthier skin

Processed foods can lead to severe inflammation and could cause cystic acne.  Healthy eating is always essential for health.  Also, improving the amount you eat isn’t the main key.  You could eat a ton of vegetables and some small amount of chicken and this would help improve your health, and sticking with water only.

The more vegetables you consume, the more your health can improve.  Eliminating foods that contain trans fats is also a great way to improve your diet and health. Eating healthier meat choices such as chicken, salmon and proteins such as eggs also can heavily improve B vitamins—essential for your skin and nervous system health.

While omega-3 oils are great for skin health, and your immune system and brain health, you don’t need to overdo these—twice a week is a good amount.  These oils also help lower cholesterol—the LDL.

Bell peppers, spinach, kale, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, celery, avocados—are all awesome options.  Eating too many fruits can be bad because of the sugar some fruits contain.  They are still good to consume—especially citrus fruits as they are higher in vitamin C—like grapefruits and oranges. Kiwis are another great option.  They are delicious and also are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for skin and immune system health.  Consider consuming more blueberries; a perfect antioxidant and they are high in quercetin—a superior anti-inflammatory.

Other than diet, options you can try at home to help improve cystic acne

There are a variety of home remedies.  Some might work better than others—depending on the severity of your acne.  With cystic acne, it tends to be the most severe of all acne cases and you should try different at home remedies. 

Use a gel cold pack, ice pack or ice chips in a bag—holding this on your face a few times a day, when you have a moment is a good idea.  Make sure to clean whatever you use well after each use—maybe use a paper towel around the pack before placing it on your face.  It is an easy and effective way of helping reduce swelling and pain from the cystic acne areas.

Another common remedy for acne or skin problems is tea tree oil.  While it is oil, it helps to kill bacteria and dry out areas that have acne. Make sure to keep this away from your eyes!  Only dab it on the areas with a cotton swab and if you use your finger be careful and wash your hand with soap and water to get rid of excess tea tree oil on it.

Probiotics help improve your gut flora.  This has a tremendous impact on your skin health.  Gut health issues that are out of balance can cause psoriasis, acne, and a variety of other bumps, boils, rashes and just about any kind of skin issue you can think about.  Making you’re your gut health optimal is essential.

Vitamin C, zinc and iron can all help with inflammation on the face and everywhere inside the body.  The vitamin is needed for improving immune system function.  Zinc and iron are needed for immune system health—iron specifically is needed for red blood cell production. Both are essential for skin health as well.  Many times zinc is in skin care products such as a zinc oxide ointment can help improve skin if you have acne; zinc-carnosine can help even more with inflammation when you take the capsules.  Always have your doctor check certain vitamins and minerals before you start to consume higher amounts of any vitamin or mineral, to avoid any severe side effects.

Vinegar is another way to help attack cystic acne.  You’ll want to dilute with some water could also be highly helpful for reducing bacteria, swelling, and pain on the face.  They are nice, easy, at home ways to cleanse your face when you suffer with cystic acne.

Pain is another huge problem with cystic acne breakouts on the face.  Other than your face looking horrific—it can be extremely irritated, painful, especially with large boil-like areas all over your cheeks and other areas of the face. Make a poultice with aloe vera gel and aspirin.  You could cover most of your face or place the mixture on severe acne areas.  You can do this before bed time unless you have time during the day to relax and address your acne issue.Top of Form






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PurClarity Revitalizing Mist can assist you with prevention and treat cystic acne

In addition to many home remedies, there are other ways that are more natural products to help reduce chances of acne breakouts or improve acne you already have.

Our PurClarity Revitalizing Mist to help reduce breakouts.  The mist is a great way to address bacteria before it gets out of hand.  Always wash your face daily, sometimes twice a day if you have more oily skin that leads to severe cystic acne breakouts.  Our product is high quality, easy to use spray, non-toxic and won’t cause you pain or more irritation if you already have cystic acne breakouts.  You can keep this safe, alternative treatment or prevention option in your acne tool box, at home.

Cystic acne can be difficult to deal with—but there is hope

While cystic acne can seem like it’s the end of the world, there are always many options for treatment and prevention.  Gut health is ultra-important to get a handle on.  Always keep a face wash routine two times a day, take vitamins to boost immune system and lower inflammation—and use any OTC products before going the prescription route.

Talk with a dermatologist if you need help getting the cystic acne battle under control. Many of these home remedies are perfect to try because none have any great risk involved—just don’t get any in your eyes!  

You might also find it beneficial to talk to an alternative medicine doctor to better understand your gut health and a variety of treatments that aren’t pharmaceutical.