Benefits of Hyaluronic acid combined with Maqui berry extract for skincare health

Maqui berry skin care health
Sundays and brunch, champagne and strawberries, and hyaluronic and maqui berry extract - just a few things that are naturally better together. Divine pairings like these should always be combined as their natural benefits are dramatically enhanced when they are. We have several of these divine pairings in the skincare world, from more general pairings like cleanser and moisturizer to ingredients like hyaluronic acid combined with maqui berry extract.  This powerful duo is being added to supplements, face masks and skincare products to give users more youthful, glowing and radiant skin. It is the ultimate dynamic due when combating inflammatory skin conditions, uneven texture and tone. Before looking at why hyaluronic acid and maqui berry extract are so terrific together, let’s examine these two ingredients independently and look at how they affect your skin. 

What is Hyaluronic acid?

You often hear of hyaluronic acid (HA) in regards to anti-ageing products. This is because it plumps up your skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles giving you a more youthful and radiant look. Dermatologists say it works so well because this is precisely what hyaluronic acid does.
HA is a sugar that naturally occurs in your skin. This sugar holds on to water, hydrating and plumping your skin. It is what you find in popular cosmetic injectables like Restylane or Juvéderm that is used to plump up your lips, cheeks or fill in deep wrinkles.
Even a small amount of hyaluronic acid is enough to make a noticeable difference. HA holds 1000x its weight in water with lasting effects as it prevents the skin's moisture from evaporating. As we get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in our skin decreases significantly, just as collagen and elastin do. This depletion is what leads to those visible signs of ageing. 
Fortunately, we can skip the painful injections and still get our skin-plumping dose of HA through quality skincare products. Products and treatments like serums and creams that contain hyaluronic acid will draw in water and hold the moisture in your skin. This is referred to as a humectant – and hyaluronic acid is a powerful one! When using it topically, HA must be in the proper formulation to make the skin appear younger and have lasting results.  
When applied incorrectly or with the wrong products, it can actually leave your skin dehydrated. If the HA doesn’t have an appropriate vehicle to penetrate the skin, or if the molecule is too large, you won’t achieve the desired effects. Further, without water to hold on to, it has the opposite effect by pulling water from your skin's deepest layers. This is why it is best used on damp skin or with a moisturizer – something it can draw water from. 
Although it is excellent for hydrating and plumping the skin, HA doesn’t have the antioxidants needed to repair free radical damage caused by environmental pollution and UV damage. This is why we also need maqui berry extract to target ageing.  

What is Maqui berry extract?

Maqui berries (Aristotelia chilensis) are an exotic fruit not likely found at your local supermarket. These berries are grown in the wild in Central and South America, especially Chile, and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Containing antioxidants, polyphenols, calcium, vitamin C and iron, maqui berry extract is now added to many superfood smoothies and supplements.  Maqui berries are considered a superfruit because of their high level of antioxidants and ability to reduce inflammation. It is highly potent, having up to 30 times more antioxidant power than Acai berries. Arguably the world’s most powerful antioxidant, maqui berry does a fantastic job at neutralizing free radicals that cause DNA and cell damage. Along with phytochemicals, it prevents damage that can lead to premature ageing of the skin and leave you with a clear, more even skin tone. It can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  Complementary to Hyaluronic acid, it has anti-ageing benefits. Studies have found that maqui berry extract reduces cell damage that is caused by ultraviolet rays. Another study found that when taken as an oral supplement once a day, recipients saw increased firmness, elasticity, and dermal thickness.  After applying maqui berry extract topically, users report softer feeling skin and a more even tone and texture. With repeated use, many also find a reduction in skin condition flare-ups, acne and the fading of dark spots. 


A dynamic duo: Hyaluronic acid and Maqui berry extract

Hyaluronic acid combined with maqui berry extract creates the ultimate anti-ageing skincare solution. HA will quickly provide visible results, plumping and hydrating the skin while maqui berry extract repairs the skin on a cellular level while simultaneously preventing future damage. On the surface, you’ll see a brighter, more even skin tone.  This means that with consistent use, your skin will continue to look better and better. It’s as close to reversing ageing as you can get. At PurClarity, we know just how effective this divine pairing is, which is why we created our serums. With our effective and potent formulation, you will have radiant, hydrated skin with an even, youthful texture and tone. Reducing inflammation, it can also treat common skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Although ageing is inevitable - wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and inflammatory skin conditions don’t have to be. With extra TLC and the power of hyaluronic acid and maqui berry extract, you can feel better about your skin.