Do Lasers Actually Help with Reducing Acne? And how HOCl May Be a Better Option to Try

Do Lasers Actually Help with Reducing Acne? And how HOCl May Be a Better Option to Try

We live in a society that is extremely judgmental regarding people’s appearances. Good-looking individuals command attention and respect, which rewards them with opportunities. That explains why the beauty industry is highly profitable. It is debilitating to have an acne breakout on your face. This skin condition will lower self-esteem because the swelling and red inflammations will ruin your beauty. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this problem. There are various effective ways of eradicating acne permanently. 

Acne Laser Treatment 

When treating any facial condition, exercise caution. Any slight error during treatment will result in a lifetime of regrets. Acne laser treatment is enticing for most people. That is due to the success of laser technology in treating other ailments. Maeve Walker, a London-based trainer and an Instagram sensation, underwent the laser treatment procedure for acne and documented it with her 140,000 Instagram followers. She shared her photos before and immediately after the treatment. Seven days after the procedure, she posted a photo showing glowing and clear skin. According to her, the treatment was painful on the first day. After the third day, the swelling and redness began diminishing. This story is only one of the many successes of laser technology in treating acne. 

Does Laser Treatment for Acne Works?

Leaving acne untreated isn’t an option because it is likely to cause scarring. Such permanent skin damage will forever alter your facial structure and beauty. When every other treatment methods fail, dermatologists will opt for laser treatment. It is recommended for acne scarring cases and mild to severe acne. This procedure never fails to deliver impressive results. It also enables the doctors to: 

  • Remove the damaged part of the skin
  • Change skin pigmentation
  • Eradicate unevenness of the skin’s surface
  • Minimize skin pitting

    How it Works

    The laser acne treatment uses an assortment of lights to eradicate skin cells from the skin’s surface, stimulating the generation of collagen and new cells. The dermatologist will direct the laser beams at the affected skin areas. The laser will then remove every acne scarred skin, allowing new skin cells to grow. That will reduce oily botches on the skin and trigger its natural healing process. Removing scarred tissues isn’t an easy process a dermatologist can accomplish in one session. Removing every affected area will require multiple procedures. So, patience is key for anyone focused on getting the anticipated results. To quicken the healing process, your doctor can suggest using products such as Revitalizing Mist. This product will help in suppressing the re-emergence of acne after its eradication. It will also improve healing by increasing collagen stimulation and hydrating the skin. After recovery, every treated part will have new, glowing, and fresh skin. 



    The Benefits of Acne Laser Treatment 

    The advancement of laser technology has provided an efficient and faster way of eradicating acne. It also offers a permanent solution for acne victims. While getting rid of this skin issue, the laser procedure will also remove the scarred skin, creating a way for fresh skin to regenerate. Here are the benefits of this procedure. 

    • Patients don’t face any risk of infections because the treatment is non-invasive. It doesn’t involve the peeling of skin layers like dermabrasion.
    • The recent laser technology can remove acne by stopping the production of oils and bacteria, which seal the pores and cause inflammation.
    • Mild acne cases will only require 2 to 3 sittings to see the expected results. The procedure is likely to take 3 to 6 weeks for serious issues. According to dermatologists, laser treatment offers quicker results when compared to other methods.
    • The laser acne procedure is painless and quick. It is a better option for people that hate shedding or seeing blood.
    • Unlike other treatment methods, laser technology destroys acne-causing bacteria from its source. The laser beams will target and kill these bacteria hiding under the skin layers.

    These advantages reveal why acne laser treatment is in high demand. Unless your condition is serious, you can safely use hypochlorous acid to remove acne.  

    What Makes HOCL a Better Alternative for Treating Acne? 

    Treating acne is only possible by destroying its bacteria. Many products and ingredients claim to have the ability to kill these bacteria. However, they also lead to unwanted side effects such as severe dryness and redness of the skin. Fortunately, the experts discovered an element that provides anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal results minus the unpleasant consequences. 

    Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is a miracle molecule for treating acne and other skin conditions. It comprises chlorine, hydrogen, and oxygen. According to specialists, the oxygen in this ingredient provides oxygen to the skin cells, thereby supporting and quickening natural healing. It also prevents bacterial overgrowth while decreasing inflammation. HOCL is a better alternative than other products because it treats fungal and bacterial acne. 

    HOCL products such as Revitalizing Mist have brought exceptional skin care solutions. These products provide numerous benefits compared to other alternatives. It is the preferred product for treating acne because it won’t hurt the skin or cause complications. While using it, you don’t face the risk of tainting your beauty. Here are some of the general advantages of using this HOCL product. 

    • Using this product doesn’t cause negative side effects in your body because Hypochlorous acid is a natural compound in white blood cells. It plays an integral part in securing the body. Hence, using the HOCL products won’t cause adverse side effects.
    • Using HOCL products will reverse epidermal aging markers, stop future scarring, cleanse the skin, destroy environmental toxins, treat acne, fight bacteria, soothe eczema, and reduce blemishes.
    • The HOCL kills cells causing inflammation or infection in the body by destroying their DNA and membranes. That enables it to halt the growth and replication process of destructive cells. Hypochlorous acid in Revitalizing Mist works the same way. It eradicates the bacteria that cause the spread of acne. By eliminating acne’s source, it won’t survive on your face.
    • Revitalizing Mist is appropriate for skin affected by chronic conditions and sensitive skin. That is because hypochlorous acid originates from the body’s immune system. Hence, it cannot harm your skin, body, or cells. It is a safer option for you.
    • Products containing HOCL, such as Revitalizing Mist, are renowned for destroying acne permanently. They also prevent dark spots and scarring caused by acne. Continuous usage of these products guarantees radiant, clearer, and smoother skin.
    • Revitalizing Mist also reinforces the skin’s natural defense against post-procedural sensitivities, inflammation, and irritation. While accomplishing this task, it targets aging symptoms such as hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, and wrinkles. That will give your skin a younger appearance.

    Prioritize using products with natural components such as HOCL when treating skin conditions. Remember, your safety and health are very important compared to your desired results. Using other chemical products will likely cause unwanted health complications. That is why dermatologists recommends HOCL products as a better option for treating acne.


    You don’t have to continue facing the shame or frustration of living with acne. There are proven solutions for dealing with this problem effectively. Using laser technology or hypochlorous acid products such as Revitalizing Mist will help to restore your facial beauty. You can also seek the assistance of dermatologists. These experts will recommend the perfect treatment products and treatment for your condition.