How HOCL can help clear nose acne

How HOCL can help clear nose acne treatment removal

It’s never pleasant to have acne on your face, and there is nothing worse than getting a pimple on the tip of your nose, creating an uncanny resemblance to a cartoon reindeer who saved Christmas.



In many cases, you are more likely to develop acne on your nose because it contains a higher amount of oil, but that doesn’t mean there is no solution. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is found in the PurClarity Revitalizing Mist, is a treatment that can help prevent and treat general, cystic, and hormonal acne.

Pore Size

There are various reasons why your nose is more susceptible to acne, one being the size of the pores on your nose, which are typically larger than the pores on the rest of the face and body.

Since acne forms when your pores become clogged and then infected by dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria, the larger size of these pores increases the probability of them becoming clogged.

The pores of the nose are also susceptible to cystic acne, which occurs when the pores become deeply clogged, forming cysts. When compared to general acne, cysts are often deeper, sometimes larger, and are painful and tender to touch.

Oil Production

Healthy pores contain sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil) to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. However, in some cases these glands may make too much sebum. One instance where this occurs is with hormonal acne, specifically male hormonal acne.

Men produce the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for male-associated characteristics such as a deeper voice and body hair. However, testosterone also stimulates oil production, and when there is too much testosterone in the body, oil production can increase. When there is more oil produced, it becomes more likely for the pores to become clogged, especially those of the nose because they are larger.


It’s also possible for acne to form inside the nose, even though it’s not as common. Acne inside the nose is most often due to irritating actions such as hair removal or excessive nose blowing.

Using HOCL To Get Rid of Pimples on The Nose

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is a powerful yet gentle ingredient that offers many benefits for those suffering from acne.

HOCL is able to fight bacteria, which is often what causes pores to become infected, leading to acne. In addition, HOCL can speed up the wound healing process, which helps your acne heal faster. However, one of the most valuable benefits of HOCL is how gentle it is to the skin.

While acne tends to create a sensitive skin environment, HOCL is gentle enough not to cause any dryness, burning, or irritation that can occur with other acne products. In addition, because of how gentle it is, you can keep it on the skin without having to wipe it off after a certain amount of time, giving it ample time to improve your skin.

One of the most common ways to administer HOCL is through a spray bottle because it allows for an even distribution and easy application. Our Revitalizing Mist uses HOCL as one of its ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing that this mist will provide you the acne relief for your nose you so desperately need.