How To Treat Cystic Acne In Your 30's and Get Results

How To Treat Cystic Acne In Your 30's and Get Results

Cystic acne is one of the most painful and severe types. They develop deep under the skin tissues. Cyst acne is pimples filled with white pus. They form large swellings on the surface of the skin. They occur when dead skin cells and oil combine and clog skin pores. Bacteria also gets into the skin pores, causing inflammation.

Cystic acne is different from the other types because it contains pus fluid. The others have solid and harder oil substances that clog the pores. Cystic acne can appear due to family history or hormonal changes during teenage years or at any other age, but mostly in the early 30s and during menopause.


Cystic acne mostly appears on the face, containing many oil glands. They may also appear on your back, butt, shoulders, chest, upper arms, and neck. They manifest as tender and painful red lumps under the skin, as mentioned earlier, and may be oozing pus from a whitish head. Having such skin conditions may be very uncomfortable and depressing to us ladies. Their appearance on our skin may lower our confidence and create unnecessary insecurities and depression. This is why the Revitalizing Mist is always there to save our skin.

Revitalizing Mist is a natural organic ingredient blended into skin care products to heal the skin. It has medicinal values and a quick healing process. It contains strong components that help the skin to rejuvenate and recover quickly, and it lives a glowing radiance and healthy skin. It also nourishes the skin leaving it looking young and beautiful when used constantly and as instructed.



The billion-dollar question is, how can you treat cystic acne in your 30s and get results? Ask no more. A detailed day-to-day process follows of using the Revitalizing Mist products on the face and other affected areas to treat cystic acne. If you are patient and religious enough to use the products with the Revitalizing Mist, you will get the results you are looking for, and I promise you will be happy. Our products are here to put a smile on that beautiful feminine face and skin.

Cleaning the Affected Area

Wash the area with warm water only if the face, neck, or other body parts are affected. Do not use cold water or soap. Remember to use clean water to wash the area gently. Do not use any cloth to clean the affected area. Use your hands to wash gently, taking care not to burst the pimples because that may lead to skin breakage and scarring. After rinsing the skin, gently dry with a clean towel or cloth.

Using Revitalizing Mist Hydrating Cleanser Spray

This spray is suitable for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry. It soothes the skin and removes the redness and blemishes on the skin. It also eventually gets rid of acne scars. It is good for teens and adults. Spray it on the affected area after washing and drying. This process should be followed religiously every day, in the morning and before bed. Spray it generously on the skin and parts with cystic acne.

Applying Revitalizing Mist Drops

This is one of the products with a vital ingredient. It contains the Revitalizing Mist with an aerosol effect which helps clear out tough odors that may be caused by pus from cystic acne. That odor is usually quite unpleasant and may sometimes make us quite uncomfortable and self-conscious. These drops clear everything out and leave the air smelling fresh. Put a few drops on the skin and massage softly. Daily applying will yield results over a few weeks, and the skin will glow.

Skin Moisturizer with HOCL

This product contains the hypochlorous acid, the most important component of the Revitalizing Mist, which is a weak acid formed when chlorine dissolves in water. It dissociates partially to form the primary disinfection agents of chlorine solutions. It leaves the skin moisturized and prevents cracking and scarring. Apply the moisturizer on the skin every time after washing and drying. This will maintain a healthy state at all times.

Avoiding Oily Foods and Substances

Cystic acne is mainly caused by oil, bacteria, and dead cells clogging the skin pores. Therefore, one preventive and treating measure is to avoid coming into contact with oily foods and other things that may cause oil to get clogged in the pores. Eat healthy meals and apply Revitalizing Mist skin care products regularly. Avoid using oily products in the meantime. You should also avoid visiting places that expose the skin to oil and fats, such as fast-food kitchens. 

Most people have oily hair. If this hair gets on the face, it may contribute to causing the oil and bacteria to enter the skin pores and clog them. It is better, therefore, to tie the hair well or find a way to prevent it from getting into contact with the skin on the face or the neck.

Spraying Revitalizing Mist 

The Revitalizing Mist is harmless and can be used as a base before applying any makeup products. It can also be used as the final spray to keep the makeup in place after applying everything. It holds everything together and prevents drying out.

This product also has sunscreen qualities that protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays. Applying them to the skin regularly will prevent and heal the sun burns on your skin.

When we hit our thirties, we are often considered o have entered the risky ages of life. Here, when injuries occur, the body takes more time to heal and return to a state of normalcy. The same thing applies to the damage caused by cystic acne. The skin may experience injuries that may take a relatively long time to heal or even go back to how it was. 

In such situations, the Revitalizing Mist usually comes in very handy. Its main attribute is speeding up the healing process. Using the Revitalizing Mist products daily and in the right quantity without fail will yield results over a reasonably brief period. Do not beat yourself up for cystic acne in your 30s, thinking there can be no solutions. Our products will work wonders on you.


The Revitalizing Mist also clears black spots on the skin completely, however long they have shown. It gives the skin an even tone and a radiance that cannot be achieved by any other beauty and skin care product. The Revitalizing Mist is pure and natural. It is also approved by renowned dermatologists and researchers all over. The products hardly have any side effects. If used in the right amounts, they show admirable results and leave users returning for more. 

The products do not need to be over processed as they will lose their healing powers. They are used and blended in their most natural form for the benefit of their user. Trust us when we tell you we put our products on the market with our users and customers in mind. We always think of you and want what is best for you and your skin. The Revitalizing Mist will leave you with absolutely zero regrets. Try us today and see if you won’t come back asking for more. Happy shopping, ladies (and gents)!