Hypochlorous acid for male adult hormonal acne

Hypochlorous Acid for Male Adult Hormonal Acid hocl acne treatment

Acne is bad enough when you have it in your teens, and we grow up hoping that our acne will calm down once we get through the teenage years, allowing us to finally experience some clear skin. But then adult acne is there knocking on the door, ready to crush your dreams.

While there are many causes of acne, one of the most common culprits is hormones. This is why teenagers are so susceptible to acne; when they go through puberty, their body is experiencing a massive shift in hormones that can manifest as acne.

But what about adults, why do adults experience hormonal acne?


Hormonal Acne in Male Adults

Adult men are especially susceptible to hormonal acne because of testosterone. Everyone knows that testosterone is considered the “male hormone”, and this is because it is higher in men and is responsible for characteristically male characteristics, including a deeper voice and bigger muscles. This isn’t to say that only males produce testosterone; women do too but at a much smaller amount.

While testosterone is essential for good health, men who experience testosterone fluctuations may find that they have acne outbreaks. In fact, those with acne typically have more testosterone (than normal for their gender) in their body than those without acne.



This connection between testosterone and acne is primarily because of how testosterone affects sebum production. In particular, testosterone stimulates sebum production. The face contains the highest concentration of glands that produce sebum, which means that when testosterone levels are higher, you will have more sebum on the face. When your sebaceous glands become blocked with sebum, dead skin cells, or other particles, and then become inflamed, you get acne.


How Hypochlorous Acid Treats Acne

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is one of the miracle agents in our Revitalizing Mist that helps produce dramatic skin transformations, one of which is acne. This is because HOCL has antimicrobial properties, which means that HOCL fights the bacteria that can clog the pores of your skin and cause acne.

HOCL also has anti-inflammatory properties. Acne results when the skin becomes inflamed due to a clogged pore, but HOCL helps reduce inflammation and calm down acne. Not only that, but HOCL can also be very soothing to the skin and speeds up wound healing, which also speeds up the process of healing your acne. And since HOCL helps with skin damage, it can also help reduce the appearance of dark spots, which commonly linger long after the pimple has subsided.

The best thing about HOCL is that it is a very mild ingredient, making it excellent for sensitive skin. Acne, especially hormonal acne, often increases your skin’s sensitivity, but HOCL is a gentle ingredient that will still provide exceptional results. This is especially appealing considering the harshness of other standard acne treatments.

Our Revitalizing Mist containing hypochlorous acid is a sensitive acne treatment option that will reduce the appearance of acne, speed up the healing of existing breakouts, and prevent future breakouts. Give our Revitalizing Mist a try and watch how your hormonal acne flare-ups disappear, increasing both your comfort and confidence.