Hypochlorous acid for treating seborrheic dermatitis

Hypochlorous acid for treating seborrheic dermatitis

What is hypochlorous acid? 

Hypochlorous acid or HOCl is used to combat viruses and bacteria and even COVID-19.  It is used as a cleaning agent in hospital and other medical settings can be used in your home for cleaning surfaces.  It can even clean fruits and vegetables after you get them home from the grocery store. It is even more powerful than bleach.

Facts about HOCl:

  • HOCl exists in your body and is created by white blood cells
  • Used in cleaning products for food
  • Used in household and commercial cleaning products
  • Used in skin care products for a variety of conditions

Hypochlorous acid is perfect for many kinds of skin conditions.  It can help prevent and be effective for seborrheic dermatitis.  When medications and topical ointments and creams from your doctor are causing too many issues or you want to avoid side effects completely—try HOCl before anything else. There are virtually no side effects.

What is seborrheic dermatitis and how do you get the condition?

This is a kind of eczema.  Essentially, oily areas where the sebaceous glands are, like: the nose, scalp and back areas causes scaly and greasy patches that can become red, bleed, and are very bothersome.

Areas it the condition can affect:

  • Scalp
  • Redness and swelling
  • Greasy scale-like areas
  • Sides of the nose
  • Eyebrow area
  • Chest
  • Upper back areas
  • Armpits
  • Groin area

Anyone can get seborrheic dermatitis.  It mostly affects people starting at 30 and can affect you until you are in your 60s.  Teens can get the condition but it is more frequently common in men and usually in teens it can be problematic for a while due to hormones because of puberty. Babies can get the condition.  It usually goes away.  It is more common because they are laying in a crib a lot and it can be called, cradle cap.

  • When you have it as an adult it can flare, then go away for a while
  • Immune system issues can cause it to flare
  • Various conditions can cause it to flare (HIV, Epilepsy, Depression, Parkinson’s disease, and several skin issues)

Other reasons you might have Seborrheic Dermatitis:

  • Chronic and severe stress
  • Changes in hormones (both men and women)
  • Long or short-term illness
  • Chemicals, soaps and other harsh products
  • Dry weather
  • Cold weather
  • Medication side effects

Treatment options for seborrheic dermatitis

The condition can be managed and treated in different ways.  Always keep your skin clean and use a lotion that is water based.  Oily products will make it worse (but not castor oil; this fights infection and improves skin conditions and also adds moisture). 

Use healthier habits for eating and always include exercise into your daily routine as well.  Always try techniques to reduce stress and get into a routine of going to bed at a certain time at night if you can.  Improving sleep and reducing stress is good for all health matters but can affect your skin health if you aren’t careful about improving these issues.  Sometimes there are other underlying medical conditions affects sleep and stress levels. 

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help skin health:

  • Vitamin C (Immune system health, skin health, nerve and digestive health)
  • B Complex (Hair, skin, nail, nerve health)
  • Vitamin D (Check in blood work, many people are deficient in vitamin D)
  • Magnesium (Check levels before adding more to diet or supplement routine, many people are also deficient in this today and it is very important for skin and muscle health)
  • Zinc (Immune system and skin health)
  • Iron (Always check blood work before adding this regularly to your supplement routine)
  • Caprylic acid (Reduce candida and fungus issues, internally and topically)
  • Turmeric or Curcumin (Digestive and skin health)
  • MSM (Lower inflammation)
  • Quercetin (Lower inflammation)

Get in a routine to combat your seborrheic dermatitis

When you deal with a chronic skin condition you may need to be even more cautious about your daily routine.  Always keep skin clean and shower or bath daily. Make sure you are cleaning your body after sweaty activities, even if you already hopped in the shower.  Use skin care products to reduce oils on your skin but make sure to always been your skin moisturized. 

You may need to invest in a few products outside of washing your body such as cleaners or creams for your face and body.  Make sure the products are all skin hydrating and can help rid of bacteria and buildup from these oil-prone areas.  

Options for treatments that can help this condition

  • Cleanser with antibacterial components and with zinc
  • Topical corticosteroid creams and ointments
  • Oral corticosteroid treatments
  • Moisturizer that isn’t oil based
  • Reduce stress
  • Take melatonin or another sleep aid, if sleep is constantly affected (insomnia)
  • Remove scales
  • Take supplements that lower inflammation like (MSM, Vitamin D, quercetin, or turmeric or curcumin)
  • Fungal topical creams or ointments / and or shampoos (some doctors suggest this)
  • OTC dandruff products
  • Prescription or PTC fungal products
  • Caprylic acid (fungus and candida reducer)

A note of using oils to softening skin and helping other issues with this dermatitis

Use castor oil or coconut oil because of the antibacterial, antifungal and non-irritating factors.  Skin can heal easier with more natural properties compared to Vaseline jelly. Also, depending on how severe the case is some dermatologists may recommend using a fungal cream, along with other cleaners, creams, or oral medications and supplements. There are many OTC products you can find, like shampoos that could help your scalp and body.

Hypochlorous PurClarity Revitalizing Mist can improve your skin health 

PurClarity Revitalizing Mist is a great option for an alternative skin care product that won’t cause any side effects.  It is extremely effective at targeting skin conditions even seborrheic dermatitis. 

The product can help prevent breakouts and be a great idea to add to your current skin care routine for seborrheic dermatitis.  The mist is safe and effective and can drive the healing process when you have seborrheic dermatitis.  It can cause greasy scale and patch-like areas and can cause your scalp to have dandruff and other irritations.  It is embarrassing and you’ll want to try the least harsh approach to getting the condition under control.

While there are pharmaceutical creams, OTC shampoos and cleansers, and a variety of other supplements you can also use, try this mist out first.  Our mist can tackle a variety of skin conditions and can be used several times a day.  Don’t worry—if you already have the condition full-blown you can start using it at any time.

Think of this product as a go-to for your dermatitis, acne, or other skin issue that is hard to treat.  Our PurClarity Mist is a skin care essential just like any vitamin or mineral. No one wants to be bothered by any skin condition and many products out there can be harsh and cause more unsightly problems and drain your bank account quickly.

HOCl PurClarity Revitalizing Mist can:

  • Fight bacteria on the skin
  • Improve skin tone
  • Heal wounds that can cause infection and bleeding; repair damaged skin
  • Lower inflammation that is causing breakouts
  • Very mild and doesn’t irritate the skin further
  • No dryness
  • No burning