My Acne Journey

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My acne began in my teens, as it did with most people, but I never outgrew the constant breakouts even in my 30s. Painful red pimples covered my forehead and ran down my temple to my cheekbones. When breakouts happen, it sometimes took weeks to calm down. But no matter what I did or didn’t do, it always came back.

I was told by doctors and everyone to try salicylic acid to treat the acne. So, I tried whatever I could find that had that ingredient, ranging from drugstore brands to higher-end products, to even celebrity-endorsed products sold on TV. But I was left disappointed and heartbroken every time when my skin didn’t clear up. So, I was skeptical when I learned about Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) as another acne solution.

I started using the HOCL as a misting spray as part of my daily routine. Within the first week I noticed significant results: calmer acne, reduced redness, and most amazingly, the cyst at the corner of my eye went away when it was there for a whole month prior! Week after week, I saw consistent improvements to my skin condition. But I was still holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve been burned before with short-term results. After many months, I was finally convinced when my acne didn’t flare back up like it usually would. And at the 10th month, I could proudly and definitively say I have clear even skin.

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Since using HOCL topically for over a year, my life-long acne flare-ups, which had caused so much pain and anxiety for so many years, have finally stopped. If it could help me after so many years of struggling, imagine the number of people this product could help! And so, we started the PurClarity journey.

I hope you’ll give this product a try and see for yourself the joy of clear skin.


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