The Differences Between Fungal Acne Vs Closed Comedones

The Differences Between Fungal Acne Vs Closed Comedones

The skin may be complex to handle for some people but this doesn’t mean it should be neglected. On the contrary, we should pay it more attention than we sometimes do. Those with sensitive skin can relate and see the importance of playing their roles effectively in quality skin care routines.

Discovering the existence of legit skin care products such as Revitalizing Mist brings you to the right track. It’s packed with everything your skin needs to handle the various challenges it faces.

What happens when yours is a case of fungal acne or closed comedones? First, get to know the difference and the rest will be easier to figure out. Here are some of the differences between the two that you must be familiar with and how Revitalizing Mist helps.

What Is Fungal Acne?

Let’s first deal with the term we’ve heard for the longest time, acne. As the name suggests, fungal acne occurs when fungi invade hair follicles on the skin. Fungal acne is medically termed as folliculitis.

This invasion causes an infection on your hair follicles which progress to pimples. When not treated sooner, they become a widespread form of acne that may cause a first time victim to be alarmed.

Since the skin is made up of follicles, which produce hair, fungal acne is likely to appear. It is usually confused with regular acne but the difference is that this is an infection on the hair follicles which progresses into pustules when not treated earlier.



The term acne only comes along due to the appearance that resembles pimples. Revitalizing Mist is a timely remedy that assures victims of fungal acne of a smooth and comfortable healing process. 

Its anti-inflammatory properties help in curbing the painful effects when fungal acne takes its worst turn.

What Are Closed Comedones?

In simpler terms, these are better known as whiteheads. They occur when the hair follicles are sealed and blocked for some reason and not given ample breathing space. Closed Comedones are nothing to worry about as they are not the typical acne we are used to.

They are painless, contain no pus, swelling or redness. It’s also non-inflammatory but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. There are various forms of comedones and each one varies in terms of symptoms.

Closed comedones happen when the pores are blocked by excessive oils or dead skin cells. When this blockage goes on for long, there are bulgy protrusions that appear on your skin, forming dark spots.

Revitalizing Mist comes to play at this point since some individuals may think it’s the end of the road for them. It cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling fresh. This unblocks the pores, relieving the skin of excess oils and other factors that may pose a threat to the skin.

Consistent use of Revitalizing Mist is a sure way to prevent and treat closed comedones mostly due to its skin cleansing properties. It also helps keep the skin moisturized as the drying effect could also lead to the formation of closed comedones.

Differences Between The Two

They are both associated with acne, but they differ in several ways including;

Contrasting Appearances

Fungal acne appears inflamed while its closed comedone counterpart has no noted inflammation. Instead, it’s dry and produces no discharges but has a dark and bumpy appearance that contains the excess oils trapped within. Knowledge of this vital piece of information makes it easier to tell the two apart and make informed decisions when seeking valid treatment methods.

Once you’ve established which of the two ails your skin, Revitalizing Mist is a trustworthy skin care product. It helps counter the uncomfortable effects of both through its key ingredient, Hypochlorous acid.

It has healing properties that help soothe and heal scars that appear as a result of both conditions. What’s more, it has cleansing properties that assure you of utmost safety when dealing with fungal acne and closed comedone.

One Hurts, The Other Doesn’t

Fungal acne is characterized by redness, swelling, itchiness, and other painful symptoms depending on its level of seriousness. Either way, it leaves nothing to chance when causing untold pain and discomfort to its victims.

On the other hand, closed comedones are only uncomfortable due to their appearance. No one likes it when their face is a walking billboard of dark spots and other ugly skin issues that makes them feel unsightly. Though they are not painful, their mere presence is enough to make one spring to action and get rid of them.

Though fungal acne may seem way too serious for any skin care product to handle, Revitalizing Mist dispels this notion through its healing and cleansing properties. Can you relate to the feeling of ease and calm that takes over your mind and body when you apply a healing balm on a burning sensation?

That pretty much describes what it feels when you apply Revitalizing Mist to a case of fungal acne that you may term as the worst possible. It goes both ways and takes care of the painless one too by getting rid of the scars it leaves on the skin.

Inconsistent Causes

What causes one of the two is totally far from the other. For example, Closed comedones have a unique tendency to be triggered by different types of diets. Consuming milk and sugar in excess is one of the diets notorious for the cause of closed comedones.

Fungal acne is caused by factors we’d deem common such as harsh skin care products, excessive sweating, and coming to contact with unhealthy skin. As stated earlier, the skin is sensitive and must be treated as such.

Check on the products you use as well as diets to avoid having to deal with the rigorous effects of both or one of the two. In case you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in terms of skin care, we have your back.

Revitalizing Mist is relentless in its pursuit to deliver quality and unmatched results on your skin. It does this through its safe ingredients which sum up its functions once you make it your skin care product of choice. 

Varying Periods of Manifestation

Each of the two differs in the period it takes to manifest fully on your skin. Since fungal acne is basically as a result of a yeast infection on the skin it spreads quicker. Closed comedone may take much longer to manifest since the blocked oils take time to build up on the skin and cause the protrusions we see.

However the skin type is a factor to consider when making such conclusions. Whichever the case, you can rest assured that there is a proven go-to product whose abilities and functions are at the top.

Applying Revitalizing Mist correctly and consistently is the key to eradicating such menaces from the skin. While adhering to a healthy diet is crucial, sometimes you need backup that’s sure to speed up the healing process.

Revitalizing Mist is a cleanser that reaches deep into the pores and unclogs them. This is beneficial for both fungal acne and closed comedone since a clean and healthy skin is free from both.

Final Thoughts

Fungal acne and closed comedone are undoubtedly among the most common skin issues faced by both teenagers and adults. Thankfully, their reign of terror is over due to he presence of Revitalizing Mist in the market.

Make the most of its amazing qualities to send both of these skin conditions packing.