What is psoriasis plaque and how can our HOCL Revitalizing Mist help?

What is psoriasis plaque?

What is psoriasis plaque?

Psoriasis plaques are patches of thick, scale-like flaky skin.  They can be darker skin tones and sometimes red due to irritation.  It does depend on the color of your skin, however.  Someone with a darker completion to begin with, the areas might be a purple hue.

If these plaques of psoriasis have been there months or more and they weren’t ever treated correctly or thoroughly, this can also have an impact on the severity of the areas and how they appear. The patch-like areas can become painful when not soothed by a cream like hydrocortisone or a tar gel. 

Some treatment options today are based on immune conditions

Usually, you can get a handle on psoriasis outbreaks from an improvement of your diet and using OTC products and increasing your vitamin C intake. Other times, some individuals have patches all over their body that require harder-hitting topical treatments such as ointment and creams, biologic medications (pharmaceutical geared for improvement of skin health and other autoimmune conditions).   

Conditions can be itchy and painful—always start with least invasive treatments

Psoriasis plaques can be itchy, painful, and unsightly.  Not only can they be irritants on the skin but they can hack your emotions and create depression because many people are embarrassed and afraid of what others think about them.  Seeing these patches of thick, scaly skin can disrupt work and other public life such as events with friends or romantic relationships.  No one wants skin issues to get in the way of life to add one more issue to their plate.

Possible OTC treatment options for psoriasis plaque:

Always begin with a least invasive option for treatment.  By using our HOCl PurClarity Revitalizing Mist, you can help address the patchy areas of psoriasis without causing any harm to your immune function or surrounding skin areas. 

You’ll also want to improve what you’re consuming, and rid of all harmful products that you might be using from make-up to other chemical sprays, lotions and even cleaning products in the home. These can all create or make any skin problems, especially psoriasis worse. There are a variety of supplements, diets, creams, and products that can help improve immune function and skin health and wellness.

  • PurClarity HOCl Revitalizing Mist
  • IV vitamin C and B therapy
  • Tar gel ointments and shampoos
  • Hydrocortisone creams and ointments
  • Prescriptions (Corticosteroids, Cyclosporine, and Methotrexate)
  • Prescription biologic medications
  • Vitamin D (skin and immune system health, bone health)
  • Vitamin A (skin health and immune system health)
  • Emu oil (skin health)
  • Castor oil (GI health and skin health, lowers inflammation)
  • Fish oil (improves cholesterol, lowers inflammation in body, and improves skin health, heart health and more)
  • Coconut oil (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial)
  • Anti-fungal creams or OTC caprylic acid (Caprylic acid can work because many times gut health that is poor can create psoriasis to begin—in addition to probiotics, lowering the candida count in the body can improve these outbreaks of psoriasis and several other skin conditions)
  • Keto diet
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Weight loss; improve exercise routine, or start one

HOCL PurClarity Revitalizing Mist can help improve your psoriasis plaque

HOCl helps to rid of bacteria that can lead to skin irritation, infection and other problems.  It is used in hospital and other health care settings and even to wash fruits and vegetables after you get them home from the grocery store or farmers market. 

While there are many options for helping prevent and treat psoriasis, it is a good idea to try least invasive ways before anything pharmaceutical that could be more problematic than the condition itself.  Prescriptions always have side effects that can lead you to another health problem.

You can try our OTC HOCl PurClarity Revitalizing Mist on your psoriasis areas.  It can help improve skin tone, rid of bacteria, clear up thick patches that are dry and scaly—and sometimes even painful if scratched too much.  Sometimes these areas can bleed.  If you already suffer from dry skin, psoriasis areas on the body are even more difficult to deal with because you’ll feel doubly inflicted with itch, annoying, and unsightly areas of skin. 

Our PurClarity Revitalizing Mist is a great option for everyone because it is non-toxic, has no perfumes or dyes.  Our product can also be used liberally wherever you have patches of scaly, flaky skin that you want to clear up. It can improve the thick, unsightly areas and make you feel better about your skin’s appearance.

It is safe to use several times a day if you already are suffering from psoriasis or are prone to the condition if you battled it in the past or have a condition that could lead to an eruption.  Let’s face it—sometimes we slack as humans addressing our chronic conditions that could lead to a skin issue. Our spray isn’t bothersome and won’t make your skin worse!

Keep up with a face wash regimen

Find an OTC product or get a prescription face cleanser to rid of extra bacteria on your face contributing to your psoriasis breakouts.  While psoriasis is usually from gut health being poor, it still needs to be addressed topically as well and everyone should start the day with a clean face and make sure it is clean at night ready for moisture products that won’t harm your skin.  A good psoriasis friendly hydrating cream with no perfumes or other harsh additives can help improve the thick, scaly patches of darker, flaking skin.

Remember, even with dry patchy skin, you still have bacteria on your face.  With dry skin you will need a good regimen for hydration.  There are also nice facial serums that have collagen or a dose of hyaluronic acid that are water based (not mineral oil based) that you can find OTC.

You could also try a soothing, no-dye added, Aloe Vera gel.  A dermatologist will recommend specific brands and product names that are geared for hydration, as well as other treatment options for your psoriasis to use to handle this chronic condition.

Keep skin clean, hydrated and don’t over load with make-up or perfumed products

When you have psoriasis, you need to keep your skin clean, hydrated with non-oil based creams and lotions and understand why you have it—so it can be properly treated.  However, before you go to a dermatologist or your primary care doctor look into other symptoms you may have, medications you take or even what you might be consuming more of in your diet.  These issues could be culprits.  The condition could be from an internal (GI or other condition) condition

Make sure, if the psoriasis is on your face (or other body part area on the skin) is not getting worse because of make-up overload, heavy perfumed creams, lotions or sprays, or piercing or anything getting in the way of topical treatments. 

What is HOCl and how it can help you in products

Most of us know that white cells in our body help attack foreign invaders in our body.  They are how our immune system tries to help us stay healthy.  They are indicators something is wrong when they are usually over 13 thousand on blood work.  While they can be higher due to stress and inflammation—not just an infection—they also produce hypochlorous acid which is in many beauty products as well as used in sterilization products in health and wellness settings and food cleaning sprays for fruits and vegetables to rid of harmful chemical sprays that could have been used on the crop while it was growing in a field. 

Our product isn’t toxic, which is why it is such an essential item you should use in your skin care tool kit and should be used daily. This is the reason it was so important that scientists were able to develop a synthetic version for public dissemination—it can be used for all kinds of bacteria and gets rid of it safely and effectively.