What to Do With Blackheads That Won't Go Away

What to Do With Blackheads That Won't Go Away

Just like cockroaches, blackheads can be stubborn for every reason. Whenever you squeeze one away, dozens to tackle will pop up. Despite squeezing away a blackhead being satisfying, its peskiness can wear you out. 

There is a possibility you are dealing with a dilated Winer pore. The name didn’t come about because victims were always complaining they had them. It got its name from a scientist who discovered it.

He thought along these lines because other people have monuments, mountains, and bridges named after them so Dr. Lou Winer also had a blackhead named after him. He was the first dermatologist to describe it in the medical literature.

Dealing with blackheads can be quite a rollercoaster but eventually, there’s a lasting solution that ends their reign of terror. 

Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads have several underlying causes. Being familiar with this crucial piece of info makes it easier to deal with them accordingly. They first appear during puberty when there is an increase in oil or sebum production, clogging the pores. 

Hormones can fluctuate, causing blackheads in those polycystic ovarian syndromes or hormonal syndrome where androgens are in excess during pregnancy and menstruation. 

Wearing tight clothing, taking steroids, and using occlusive and thick creams that can block pores are other factors that can cause blackheads. 

Why Dilated Winer Pore Happens 

Despite dilated Winer pore being benign and not likely to spread out, its supersized blackhead appearance is why anyone will want to go to the greatest lengths to get rid of it for good. Just like an ordinary blackhead, pores can be clogged whenever hair follicles are overloaded with sloughed-off sebum and skin cells. 

Like grease blocking a drain, sebum can clog a pore with dirt particles and microscopic dust being part of the mix. With more detritus being collected and pores remaining clogged, the size may be dilated because of the packed contents. Long exposure to the air can lead to oxidization blockage and darkening. Since the pores are stretched out of shape, they will fill up again despite being empty. There are possibilities of stubborn pores appearing on the chest, face, and back. However, there are times when they can appear on the scalp, neck, and ears. 

Banishing the Blackheads Permanently 

Extracting or squeezing a dilated Winer pore is never a great idea. This is because once its unsightly contents have been emptied, the enlarged pore will fill up again. 

Repeated extraction or squeezing can cause hyperpigmentation or lead to infection in the skin cells. 

Using revered products such as Revitalizing Mist is the first step towards recovery from stubborn blackheads. Its ingredients have been thoroughly researched, tested and proven to deliver quality results.

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Reading through the manufacturer’s instructions and other vital requirements shows you how uncomplicated it is to include it in your skincare routine. What’s more, Revitalizing Mist is suitable for use on all skin types.

Using Salicylic Acid and Non-Comedogenic Ingredients 

Once you establish that you’re dealing with the annoying case of blackheads, it’s advisable to embark on a home care regimen. Investing in the right products, including Revitalizing Mist,  ensures you keep your skin free from excess debris and sebum that can lead to blackheads. Salicylic acid is an important component of your newly adopted skin care routine. It can help exfoliate the skin and reduce the blemish that causes bacteria. 



When choosing skin care products, go for skincare products made from noncomedogenic ingredients as they will not clog the pores. Also, avoid using greasy products as they can worsen blackheads and other blemish types. Instead, go for oil-free skincare products.

Important Tips on Avoiding Blackheads

Now that we know and understand how stubborn and insufferable  blackheads can be, this means war. Here are tips to help you avoid blackheads;

  1. Never try to prick or pop the blackheads. It will do nothing to help uproot the blackheads. Instead, pricking will spread the bacteria or the skin scar. 

  2. Avoid using pointed tools or tweezers to remove the blackheads. Even when using the blackhead removal tools, only professionals should be allowed to use them. You risk injuring yourself as you poke the blackhead. Worse still, it might give room to the rise of more blackheads.

  3. Although exfoliation is recommended for blackhead removal, using abrasive or harsh ingredients only causes damage rather than clear out the blackheads. Exfoliation is also capable of drying the skin and irritating it. If possible, go for gentle scrubs or natural exfoliators like salt, oatmeal, coffee, sugar, etc. 

  4. By ensuring your skin is always clean, you will be in a position to prevent blackheads, pimples, and acne. Always wash your face daily using a gentle face wash early in the morning and before you get to bed. Apart from keeping your skin free from grease, ensure that oil never accumulates within the pores. This can be achieved using a facial scrub at least once weekly, depending on your skin type. 

  5. Adopt the healthy routine of always replenishing your skin's moisture after every wash by using a moisturizer. Use non-comedogenic moisturizers to prevent you from blocking the skin pores. 

  6. Prioritize using skin gels or creams with salicylic acid as they can help prevent blackheads. Salicylic acid is a chemical commonly used in acne and pimple elimination. It is also used for medical purposes to remove the skin's outer layer. Salicylic acid is also effective in treating psoriasis, warts, ringworm, acne, dandruff, and ichthyosis. Using creams containing salicylic helps keep the body skin fresh and exfoliate the top layer, thereby avoiding blackheads. 

Use Revitalizing Mist

Revitalizing Mist is a vegan and naturally friendly. It is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. It is also alcohol and phthalate-free. With this, there is nothing that will clog your pores. Revitalizing Mist is perfect for all skin types, even those with vulnerable and sensitive skin types. 

All Revitalizing Mist ingredients are peer-reviewed and laboratory tested. They are also capable of decreasing histamine activity. Since several acne forms comprise the inflammatory response, the use of Revitalizing Mist limits the response. This will, in turn, reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. 

Revitalizing Mist also contains antimicrobial properties enabling it to fight bacteria and will never allow infection on the skin. With there being no bacteria that cause acne, there will be no acne! 

Apart from Revitalizing Mist and preventing the growth of bacteria, it will also do the same for the fungus. Revitalizing Mist also offers cells more oxygen, thereby potentiating the skin's natural healing.

Final Thoughts 

Blackheads are a popular skin condition that affects most adolescents and might progress to adulthood in some individuals. Since it’s assumed to be a preserve of those undergoing puberty, some make the mistake of ignoring them till they get worse. 

Despite being very popular, blackheads can sometimes have a severe impact on one’s mental health. Whenever you notice symptoms of depression and anxiety due to blackheads, always talk to your healthcare provider. 

Better yet, you shouldn’t let them go that far. Start using Revitalizing Mist as early as now to prevent and manage the cringeworthy effects of blackheads.The blackheads will sometimes disappear in early adulthood, although some individuals will still experience them throughout their lifetime. 

Whichever the case, you can rest easy knowing that they are not here to stay.