When Does Acne Go Away For Guys?

When Does Acne Go Away For Guys

Who said skin care is only for the ladies? Gentlemen are more than welcome to adopt skin care routines they think will work for their skin. Believe it or not, some guys are struggling with the elephant in the room, acne. 

Thanks to technology and other relevant items, it’s safe to say that it’s possible for guys to eliminate acne. Now for the big question, "When does acne go away for guys?" Well, this depends on a couple of factors that we’re about to tackle.

Read on to find out more about them as well as relatable tips on how to up your skin game as a guy.

The Factors:


This includes the crucial nitty gritty of your daily routines such as meals, drinks, and snacks. Your fitness routines are definitely not an exception as they also play one of the major roles in the health of your skin.

Acne is manageable and treatable when you train yourself to eat and drink healthy as a man. Guys that face the on and off wrath of acne may want to take their lifestyle patterns more seriously.



There is hope for men who are consistent in their fruits and vegetables skin care regimen. Not forgetting that lots of water also helps in flushing out harmful toxins that manifest their presence through your skin in the form of acne.

If you follow all the rules of good living in the book and still face acne at its worst, see a certified dermatologist. 

The Age Factor

Most of us are familiar with the common knowledge that acne is more stubborn during puberty. Though it’s a natural rite of passage, you’ll feel like having a paper bag over your head is more comfortable.

Acne levels vary as some have to wake up to cases of full blown pimples all over the face. On the other hand, the said pimples are evenly spread out across the face and are barely noticeable in other cases.

Worse still, acne drags on to adulthood in some men who become worked up eventually. Try wooing a girl you like with acne hanging over your head and you’ll know how unforgiving it can be.

On the bright side, some ladies wouldn’t really care how smooth or flawed your skin is. Whichever the case, getting rid of acne should be a personal decision. This is where your choice of acne products comes in handy.

The likes of Revitalizing Mist, is a must try for any guy grappling with the pangs of acne as an adult. It is a Hypochlorous acid topical skin spray that tackles all levels of acne in men. This includes redness, scars, and even blemishes.

The Revitalizing Mist product works both ways as it tackles both men’s and teen’s acne issues.


This is just about one of the trickiest parts of the article. Some say that genetics are unfair since they only target specific members of the family and let other members go scot free. There could be some truth to this but there are reasons for this that are best explained by certified medical professionals.

Acne has rubbed shoulders with families over the years. Interestingly, most of these families lament over the breakout tackling only the gentlemen and leaving out the ladies. The victims are at a loss over what to do next since the face is among the first features that the world notices during first interactions.

No worries as even acne cases that come about due to genetics have remedies of all kinds. When handling genetically caused acne, it’s best for men to be ready for anything. It goes at about twenty years of age or after puberty and comes back during old age.

The best part about genetics is that sometimes it only strikes during puberty, goes away and never comes back for the rest of your life. However this only applies to a select few males who are also intentional about the basic rules of skin care.

Treatment Procedures

Once you’re past puberty as a man and still notice signs of acne on your face, it’s time to seek viable treatment options. Acne goes away depending on the ones you choose to settle for and how seriously you take them.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll definitely need the input of a verified dermatologist to break through. They’ll take you through a series of tests that will help determine the level of acne you’re facing. 

This makes it easier for your ‘skin doctor’ to write you an acne prescription that walks you through the journey to complete healing of your skin. Better still, the sooner you submit yourself to a specialist guarantees you less recovery duration.

You may also want to do your research on the treatment options available if you prefer Over The Counter (OTC) methods. Ensure that you’re purchasing from verified pharmacists to avoid risky eventualities such as buying expired products.

Tips To Up Your Skin Game As A Guy

Wash Your Face

It’s obvious that acne only attacks the face since its skin is the most sensitive of all the body parts. Washing your face is the age-old remedy that takes less time and assures you of a smooth and attractive complexion as a man.

While it takes only a few minutes, it’s important to look deeper and consider the products you use. Get to know your skin type and only use matching facial cleansing products. For instance there are lots of skin care facial wash products for sensitive skin. (Read through the reviews to avoid irreparable damages on your skin).

Use Sunscreen

As much as Vitamin D from the sun is vital for a glowing and healthy skin, please moderate in your skin’s consumption of it. Use sunscreen when stepping out into the sun to avoid direct contact with harsh UV rays.

Better still, a baseball cap always does justice on your facial skin if you don’t have time to apply sunscreen evenly on your face. It shields your skin from the sun and assures you of years of smooth, trouble-free skin.

Drink Lots Of Water

Don’t ever for a second think that this is only a preserve of the ladies. Every living being on the planet needs water to survive and thrive. As a man, water should be one of your most prized priorities that you must never ignore.

Clean water plays more roles in your body than you can imagine. Since our focus is on the skin and how to keep it free from acne, you’ll need water now more than ever. It’s a purifier that keeps away all harmful organisms and leaves your skin healthy and smooth.

Eat Healthy Meals

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’? This couldn’t be more true. Your meals and snacks eventually manifest on your skin, exposing how healthy or harmful they are. This may sound so cliche but fruits and vegetables are the way to go if you want your facial skin to be the center of attention.

Practise consistency since the results don’t show overnight. Be patient and watch your hard work pay off eventually.

Final Thoughts

Well guys, now you know what it takes for acne to go away in guys and how soon you can achieve it. Take it up as a challenge rather than some form of punishment with hard labor. Have fun as you adopt your new lifestyle patterns as well as all the other relevant factors that are guaranteed to speed up your healing from acne.

Good Luck!