How To Use Hypochlorous Acid To Treat Rosacea

How To Use Hypochlorous Acid To Treat Rosacea

Have you noticed the hype about hypochlorous acid, an ingredient in rosacea skin care products? The buzzy about hypochlorous acid might make you think it is a new ingredient, but it has been a skincare hero ingredient for ages, only that it has never gotten traction until now. So, what is hypochlorous acid, and how does it help with rosacea?

What Is Hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid, abbreviated as HOCL, is a naturally occurring molecule created by the immune system and white blood cells in our body to defend the skin against bacteria, injury, infection, and irritation.

HOCL is made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine, which makes it antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. For this reason, it is used as a major ingredient in skincare products. However, the HOCL in skincare products is not extracted from the human body.

On realizing the effectiveness of HOCL on the skin, chemists came up with ways to make hypochlorous acid by breaking down simple water solutions using electrolysis. 

More recently, however, they cracked a high-quality formula to make HOCL with a longer shelf life in large quantities. With advanced and high quantity manufacture, thousands of people suffering from skin conditions like rosacea can now benefit from the powerful molecule.



Benefits of Hypochlorous acid on your skin

The skin is an outer barrier, a role that leaves it vulnerable to bacteria and injuries. While the skin is tough for its role, some skin types are more susceptible to skin conditions like acne, rosacea, or eczema. HOCL helps your vulnerable skin by working to:

1. Promote Wound Healing

According to clinical studies, hypochlorous acid promotes the healing of wounds on the skin because it reduces the bacteria count on the wound. The anti-inflammatory effects of HOCL repairs the damaged skin, eliminates odors from the wound and prevents further damage.

2. Reduces Skin Inflammation

HOCL reduces skin inflammation and conditions such as eczema. It reduces the number of active bacteria, leading to fewer breakouts or flare-outs. That is why it is a hero ingredient in most skin care products.

3. Great For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you must be careful with the ingredients in your skincare products, but there is nothing to worry about HOCL. Unlike other ingredients like alcohol, it does not cause dryness, irritation, or burning sensations on your sensitive skin. It is gentle on the skin because it is a natural product of the body. 

How Hypochlorous acid helps with rosacea

Rosacea is a facial skin condition that causes redness on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. People suffering from rosacea experience periods of flare-ups triggered by heat, certain foods, medications, and stress.

The condition is uncomfortable, but unfortunately, there is no cure. People manage rosacea with various skincare treatments like HOCL.

Hypochlorous acid relieves the skin from the irritation that turns the skin red. It helps replenish the damaged skin, giving it a healthy and fresh appearance.

HOCL manages rosacea by reducing infections. It contains water, salt, and oxygen, supplying the irritated cells with oxygen for faster healing. Moreover, hypochlorous acid stops the growth of bacteria and reduces inflammation and further skin damage. HOCL only kills the harmful bacteria on the skin and leaves the good bacteria to heal the skin and prevent scarring.

Secondly, hypochlorous acid treats rosacea because it prevents the release of histamine. Histamine is a chemical that causes skin irritation or hives after an allergic reaction. HOCL prevents this from happening, because it hinders the release of histamine.

Reduction in inflammation

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has a significant impact on reducing inflammation associated with rosacea. It provides antiseptic properties, which not only reduce inflammation, but also clean the skin surface, killing any bacteria that might be present. HOCl's low pH level also helps prevent future breakouts by maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria on the skin.

HOCl also serves as an antioxidant, which prevents free radical damage and helps restore healthy skin. This is particularly important for people with rosacea, as they are more likely to damage their skin through frequent use of harsh chemicals.

Interestingly, HOCl also has excellent wound-healing properties that can help accelerate recovery from acne scars and lesions caused by bacterial infections.

Research published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology suggests HOCl is an effective treatment option for rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. Its use results in fewer side effects, making it safer than traditional treatments such as antibiotics.

A study done by Dr. Lawrence Samuels at City of Hope National Medical Center showed that Rosaclear System, a product containing Hypochlorous Acid, was well-tolerated and provided clinical improvements in patients with rosacea.

Say goodbye to pesky bacteria and hello to clear, calm skin with the deadly effectiveness of hypochlorous acid.

Relief from itching and burning

As a natural antibacterial agent, Hypochlorous acid is especially effective at reducing redness and swelling caused by various dermatological conditions like Rosacea. Its mild nature ensures it doesn't damage or dry out the skin, but instead promotes healthy and hydrated skin. This ultimately results in a smoother, clearer complexion.

Moreover, Hypochlorous acid helps prevent further damage or flares-ups by restoring the natural balance of the skin's microbiome. By eliminating harmful microorganisms on the surface of the skin, it creates an environment conducive to healthy cell regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

If you are struggling with Rosacea symptoms, such as itching or burning sensations, incorporating Hypochlorous acid into your skincare routine can help relieve these symptoms significantly. Don't let the fear of missing out on this effective inflammation-reducing solution stop you from trying it out today!

Get ready to spray your way to clearer skin with HOCL, because Rosacea doesn't stand a chance against this powerful solution!

How to incorporate Hypochlorous acid into your skin care routine

There are many hypochlorous skin care products on the market, but you must be careful with what you apply to your sensitive skin. HOCL comes in many forms, including serums, creams, and sprays. 

Revitalizing Mist by PurClarity is among the best ways to use Hypochlorous acid to manage your rosaceaI. It is easy to apply and offers instant relief. You can carry it everywhere you go to apply it immediately after you start feeling the irritation, instead of waiting to get home when the flare-ups are full-blown.

HOCL is the best treatment for rosacea, because it is inspired by nature. It is crucial to use FDA-cleared HOCL products like PurClarity's Revitalizing Mist so that you do not make things worse.

HOCL acid should be used in small quantities, but you must use it regularly for results. For the best results, emphasize frequency over quantity. Spray it directly on your face and go on with your day as it works on your face.

Is there a risk of using Hypochlorous acid?

HOCL is safe on your skin and is effective in killing bacteria that cause skin irritation. It will calm and heal your skin without any harm, but you must ensure that:

  • The product is labelled for skin care
  • It is made in an FDA-cleared, cGMP facility
  • Do not apply hypochlorous acid products that contain synthetic fragrance
  • Consult your doctor before usage, and especially if you are using other skin care products
  • Do not put it in your eyes or ingest it

Try our Revitalizing Mist

The immune system naturally produces hypochlorous acid to promote wound healing. However, you can use HOCL found in skin care products to manage rosacea. Hypochlorous acid found in PurClarity's Revitalizing Mist is among the best for your skin, but you should consult your dermatologist before incorporating it into your skincare routine.

Just 3 simple yet powerful ingredients:

Electrolyzed water (H2O), Sodium chloride (NaCl), Pure Hypochlorous acid (0.014%). It's 100% SkinSAFE, which means it's free from allergy-causing ingredients. No synthetic chemicals, parabens, or mineral oils. It's also hypoallergenic, skin-neutral pH 4.4, and free of alcohol and fragrances.

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